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The proposal to develop a sports facility in the Beechwalk Park was initiated by the Community Council in 2004, and has recently been taken up by Crail Community Trust. The MUGA has been constructed using a grant secured from Fife Environmental Trust and some of the proceeds from the sale of the Tennis Courts for affordable housing which were placed in the Common Good Fund.

Construction was completed in July 2011 and the MUGA was officially opened by Cllr Donald Macgregor in September 2011. Unusually for such facilities Crail's MUGA is free to users, access being arranged through a booking system.

Further projects in the vicinity of the MUGA, car park and the Community Hall are under discussion and ideas for the improvement of this area and the provision of facilities are invited from the public.

The Community Trust has actively facilitated the gathering of essential information so that the public can, through their Community Council, reach informed decisions on the desirability (or otherwise) of a community wind turbine. The underlying principle is that profits from operating the turbine will be invested in community projects, thus providing a source of sustainable income through periods of drought in grant funding.

The Community Trust obtained grant funding from Community Energy Scotland and commissioned a feasibility study of a possible site at Kilminning. The study addressed the impact of a wind turbine on the environment, financial implications, and the public reaction to such a development. An objection from Historic Scotland caused the Trust to abandon this option. More recently dIscussions with other villages in the East Neuk led to a Feasibility Report for an an East Neuk cross-community single turbine. This Feasibility Report may be accessed here but note that the preferred site identified in the report is deemed unsuitable by community members and another less visible site further inland is now under consideration.


In 2010 the Community Trust attempted to secure the former Children's Centre for the long-term benefit of the youth and residents of Crail. Unfortunately the final liabilities intimated by the liquidators was about £20,000 beyond that projected some 3 months previously. The acquisition of the Children's Centre building would have thus placed a large debt on the Trust that was unaffordable and thus the Trust reluctantly withdrew its interest in the property. The property is now on the open market.

The Trust convened a number of meetings during July and August 2011 to gauge local opinion on taking more responsibility for the Community Hall and possibly returning it to community ownership. Representatives of all the user groups were invited to these meetings. A summary of the discussions can be found here.

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