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Crail Community Trust exists to manage sustainably community land and associated assets including premises, to organise community recreational activities including clubs, to advance community development and environmental protection, and to facilitate projects for the benefit of the people of Crail (see full Aims). The Trust works closely with Crail Community Council which, as the elected representatives of the Burgh, provides the Trust with advice on community priorities. The Trust came into existence in 2009 when it became a registered guaranteed company and was granted charitable status.

Anyone is welcome to become a Member of the Trust. Membership carries no financial liability apart from a registration fee (£5 for five years of membership, or £10 for 10 years). We welcome new members from all walks of life. If you wish to become a Member please complete the application form (copies available from the secretary) and return it with your fee to the Treasurer of the CCT at 48 Nethergate.

Trustees are appointed from the Membership and take on responsibility for planning and executing the business of the Trust.  Current Trustees are:



Office bearers:



The Trust holds Open Meetings and an Annual General Meeting to which all Members and the public are invited. Minutes of these meetings are available on-line (see sidebar for individual meetings). The Trust welcomes feedback on all aspects of its activities (contact details on the right).


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